Uneven Growth in the Enumerated Native Hawaiian Population

Carolyn A. Liebler, University of Minnesota

The enumerated Native Hawaiian population increased remarkably between 1990 and 2000. Who are the new Native Hawaiians? I use demographic techniques to develop a picture of the age, gender, educational attainment, and birthplace patterns within this newly identified element of the Native Hawaiian population. The analyses reveal demographic correlates of changing racial identification. I am particularly interested in learning whether it is possible that every surviving person who reported Native Hawaiian in 1990 reported single-race Native Hawaiian in 2000. If the population numbers do not support this possibility, then the analyses would provide evidence that multiracial Native Hawaiians must be included in cross-time analyses of this population. This analysis also provides policy-relevant information about ways in which the Native Hawaiian population has changed and may continue to grow.

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Presented in Session 45: Demography of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders