Desire for HIV Testing and Counseling in Kenya: The Individual-Level HIV Factors

Li Liu, Johns Hopkins University
Stan Becker, Johns Hopkins University

The global demand for HIV testing and counseling (HTC) is growing dramatically due to the intensified international effort to scale up antiretroviral treatment. In Kenya, an unprecedented expansion of HTC programs is ongoing. What is the level of desire for HTC and what factors are associated with it are questions to be answered immediately. To do so, we analyzed 2003 Kenya Demographic and Health Survey using descriptive and analytical methods considering the complex survey design. 67% and 70% women and men expressed desire for HTC respectively. The desire among infected individuals was even higher (80%). A number of HIV factors were found to be significantly associated with desire for HTC. But few were both significant among women and men. The findings could serve as evidence for prioritizing resources to scale up HTC in Kenya. Gender-specific interventions are called for as essential components of HTC programs.

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