Determinants of Early Transition to Marriage among Female Adolescents: A Longitudinal Analysis in Thailand

Nowrozy Kamar Jahan, Mahidol University
Aree Prohmmo, Mahidol University
Aree Jampaklay, Mahidol University

Early transition to marriage exists in Thailand where the great majority of Thai females are delaying their marriage into their twenties. Level of Thai teenage marriage is relatively higher than that of many neighboring countries of the Southeast Asian region. Hence, this study explores the determinants of the timing of first marriage among Thai female adolescents. Longitudinal data (2000-2004) from Kanchanaburi, a western province of Thailand, was used for the analysis. The analysis used life table methods and discrete time logistic regression of event history analysis. The study found that individual characteristics are more strongly related to the timing of marriage compared to household characteristics. Limited schooling opportunities and low educational attainment puts some Thai female adolescents under pressure to accept early marriage. So, this study finding provides insight to policy makers to give emphasis on effective implementation of the education policy to delay marriage among Thai female adolescents.

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