Gender and Susceptibility of STIs in India

Abhilasha Sharma, Independent Researcher

Some 340 million curable sexually transmitted infections (STIs) estimated worldwide every year. Despite the fact that STIs constitute an important health threat, little is known about the prevalence of these infections, especially in developing countries such as India where a variety of biological, cultural and socio-economic factors make women more susceptible to STIs than men. The present study aims to examine the prevalence and treatment seeking of STIs from gender perspective. The study will be based on data collected in the most recent National Family Health Survery-3 conducted in 2004-05 in India. Preliminary findings on the extent and sex differentials in knowledge of HIV/AIDS are of concern. Data shows that 80 percent of men and only 57 percent of women have ever heard of AIDS. A detailed analysis will be carried out as soon as the data is available.

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Presented in Poster Session 7