When Troubled Youth Can't Stay at Home: Factors Influencing Where to Place them and for How Long

Misty Heggeness, University of Minnesota
Elizabeth Davis, University of Minnesota

Children placed out of their home for behavioral reasons face a complex array of family, societal and personal issues. Most experts agree that a safe, positive family environment is best for children. When this can't happen, public entities intervene to place the child in a safe environment. This study looks at children who are placed out of their home for behavior reasons in Hennepin County, Minnesota. Using a unique set of data collected from both the human services and corrections departments, comparisons are made analyzing whether children placed for similar reasons, but by different governmental systems, have similar characteristics. In addition, regression techniques are used to analyze covariates influencing length of stay in placement and type of placement. Since these types of placements are the most costly, understanding the covariates that influence out-of-home placement in both systems has important policy implications both locally and nationally.

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