Population Movement and Changing Consumer Behavior: A Study of Balasore District in India

Nihar R. Rout, Fakir Mohan University
Reshma Senapati, Fakir Mohan University

Although ‘Migration’ and ‘Consumer Behavior’ have received attention as separate topics in literature, the interrelationship between them has got very little attention, at least for a country like India. The specific objectives of this study are to find out the effect of migration on variation in household article possessions and food consumption pattern, to calculate a composite decision making index in order to capture the change in decision making power of the women as a result of migration and to understand the marketing behavior and preference of the person involved in maximum marketing in the family. The current study is based on a sample of 84 households, with information collected from both the functional head and his wife. Result of this study suggested many changes in different issues like possession of household articles, giving attention to choice of children, food consumption, decision-making power of wives, factor behind the primary store selection, perception towards brand, quality, price etc.

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Presented in Poster Session 4