HIV/AIDS in Manipur: Need Focus on Injecting Drug Users (IDU)

Utpal Saikia, Regional Medical Research Centre

The study covered 839 samples (IDUs) in Manipur state of India by using RDS method. It has the largest problem of HIV infection associated with IDU in India. Sharing of needles and syringes among the injecting drug users is one of the fastest methods of spread of HIV infection among IDUs and from them to their sexual partners, their children and even to the general population. Information collected on behavioural, clinical and biological aspects. Study focuses on estimation of HIV/AIDS among IDUs and leading behavioural factors as determinants through logistic regression. Result shows 33% IDUs are HIV positive. The most important leading factors are living situation, network size, duration of ID, use pre-field syringe, sharing syringe, sexual behaviour, use of condom etc. Result show that sharing syringe and sexual behaviour are the major causes of high prevalence of HIV among IDUs. It suggests effective intervention programmes on knowledge and behaviour.

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