Adolescents with Two Nonresident Biological Parents: Living Arrangements, Parental Involvement, and Well-being

Valarie King, Pennsylvania State University
Katherine Stamps, Pennsylvania State University
Daniel N Hawkins, University of Nebraska, Omaha

We know little about children who have two living nonresident biological parents. Using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, this study examines the diverse living arrangements of U.S. adolescents in this situation, the kinds of relationships they have with each of their nonresident parents, and the implications of these arrangements for child well-being. We also compare these adolescents to adolescents who have one nonresident biological parent and live with the other biological parent, distinguishing between those who live with their biological mother (and have a nonresident biological father) and those who live with their biological father (and have a nonresident biological mother).

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