No Business like Boomer Business: Industry, Business, and Retirement Migration in the US

Benjamin C Bolender, Kansas State University
Laszlo J. Kulcsar, Kansas State University

This study investigates the relationship between areas’ economic structure and their ability to attract retirement migration. We seek to answer if a higher prevalence of small businesses leads to a greater amount of retirement in-migration; how a high concentration of employment in a particular industrial sector influences the net in-migration of older people; and how the general growth or decline pattern across industries affects net migration rates at older ages? To answer these questions, we have compiled data on population characteristics, estimated net migration rates, county characteristics, and employment, establishments, and wages by sector for most of the counties in the US. We expect to find that counties with smaller businesses and more businesses in preferred industries (including health services) will be more attractive for retirees. Further, we will investigate how these relationships play out in a community case study of the only retirement destination county in Kansas.

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