Parenting of Infants: A Time Use Analysis

Robert Drago, Pennsylvania State University
Ya-Ning Lee, Pennsylvania State University

We provide the first study of time use patterns among parents of children under the age of one year using four waves of single-day time diary data from the American Time Use Survey. A sample of 2,326 parents is divided into partnered fathers, partnered mothers, and single mothers. For the three categories, we compare various measures of childcare and housework time for parents of infants as opposed to older children, and (for partnered respondents) compare ratios for father/mother provision of childcare and housework time across the child age groups. We also identify trade-offs wherein time is shifted from other time use categories to infant care. Finally, regression analyses of childcare time are used to understand the effects of respondent and partner working time arrangements, other family members providing or needing care, infant gender, and other demographic influences on levels of father and mother time caring for infants.

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Presented in Session 9: Mother’s Work and Child Outcomes