Gender Differences in Approval of Gay Marriage among Covenant and Standard Married Couples in Louisiana

Stacey Brumbaugh, Bowling Green State University
Laura A. Sanchez, Bowling Green State University

This study examines gender differences in attitudes toward gay marriage among newlywed couples. Using a feminist demographic perspective, we develop a perceived threat model which argues that those who perceive a cultural weakening of traditional heterosexual marriage are more likely to oppose gay marriage. We examine the relationships between gender, gender ideology, religiosity, heterosexual marriage preservation attitudes, and approval of gay marriage. We also explore whether a gender gap in approval of gay marriage persists even among couples in avowedly traditional marriages, as represented by the covenant marriage vow. This study uses first-wave data from a three-wave panel study of newlywed covenant and standard married couples in Louisiana (Marriage Matters, 1997-2004, n=707).

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