Spousal Violence in Bangladesh as Reported by Men: Prevalence and Risk Factors

Kiersten Johnson, Macro International Inc.
Maitreyi B. Das, World Bank Group

To study risk factors for perpetration of spousal violence among Bangladeshi men, we analyze DHS data from 2780 married men using bivariate and multivariate techniques. Seventy-four percent of men report having ever been violent toward their wife; 37 percent report recent violence. Men who have been married more than once are nearly 50 percent more likely to report recent violence than men who have only been married once. Men who report drug use are more than twice as likely to report violence, while those who report being unfaithful to their wives are 80 percent more likely to report violence. Men’s attitudes towards women do not decrease the risk for violence. However, men’s attitudes explicitly about wife-beating strongly predict violent behavior: those who believe that wife beating is acceptable are over four times more likely to report recent violence against their wife compared to those who do not accept wifebeating.

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