Physical Activity Portfolios, Education, and Race/Ethnic Disparities in Body Mass in the U.S.

Jarron M. Saint Onge, University of Houston
Patrick M. Krueger, University of Texas at Houston

Although some studies have examined race and SES preferences in leisure time activities, few studies have used large national datasets to identify and link unique activity profiles to demographic trends in health. Using data from the National Health Interview Survey, we provide four aims to guide our examination of the associations between sociodemographic factors—including socioeconomic status and race/ethnicity—and physical activity profiles and body mass. First, we use factor analysis to determine how unique physical activities group into latent activity profiles. Second, we examine the associations between race/ethnicity and education, and the physical activity profiles. Third, we document the associations between kilocaloric expenditure and the activity profiles. Finally, we examine whether the physical activity profiles mediate or moderate the associations between race/ethnicity, education, and body mass.We hypothesize that engagement in different activity types influences kilocaloric expenditure, are in part due to cultural and socioeconomic differences, and have lasting impacts on BMI.

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Presented in Session 38: Obesity, Health, and Mortality