Community Structures Supporting Gender Based Violence in Kibera, Kenya

Carrie M White, Emory University
Rob Stephenson, Emory University

This study examines the attitudes and perceptions of violence in the context of the cultural setting in Kibera, Kenya. Through the collection of in-depth-interviews and focus group discussions, the study aims to understand perceptions of gender-based violence (GBV) among the Kibera community, identify relationship formation patterns in this population, and examine how the experiencing of GBV varies across types of relationships in this cultural context. The experiencing of GBV varies greatly by relationship type. Relationships have become less transparent in Kibera. A central theme among both men and women who are victims of violence feel they have limited access to seek care or help, and women express hopelessness and many feel continuing a violent relationship is better then the alternative of having no source of income if they leave their partner. Culturally appropriate interventions are needed to reduce GBV in this community.

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