Single Custodial Fathers’ Involvement and Parenting during Adolescence and Outcomes in Emerging Adulthood

Jacinta M.H. Bronte-Tinkew, Child Trends
Mindy E. Scott, Child Trends
Emily Lilja, Child Trends

This study uses nationally representative data from the NLSY97 (Rounds 1 through 7) to examine the effects of single custodial fathers’ involvement and parenting of adolescents on offspring outcomes during emerging adulthood. Results suggest that the greatest proportion of single custodial fathers exhibited permissive parenting styles. Single custodial fathers did not differ from fathers in two biological parent homes in their levels of closeness, support, or awareness. Results also indicate that offspring that reside with a single father during adolescence have reduced odds of completing high school and greater odds of being disconnected during emerging adulthood compared to offspring that reside with two biological parents. Findings suggest that residing in a single father household during adolescence continues to affect offspring well-being as they enter emerging adulthood.

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Presented in Session 27: Fathers in Families and Child Well-Being