Childcare and School Readiness of Children in Selected Disadvantaged Areas in the Philippines

Alan B Feranil, University of San Carlos
Paulita L. Duazo, University of San Carlos
Elizabeth Ventura, University of the Philippines

Although the effects of childcare and school readiness have been well studied in developed societies, studies in developing societies or disadvantaged settings are rather limited. Using data from the Early Childhood Development Project initiated by the national government, we examined the effects of formal childcare (daycare or preschool) and parental care on the school readiness of 1, 067 five and six year old children in areas where the Early Childhood Development Project was introduced. Results of the analysis revealed the importance of attending pre-school or daycare than parental care in preparing pre-school children for Grade 1. Older children and girls, in particular were more ready for formal schooling. In addition, being healthy (not stunted), watching television and living in a more advantaged environment with less siblings and whose parents owned the land also contributed to the school readiness of children.

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