Friday, April 18 / 12:30 PM - 2:20 PM   •   Napoleon A3

Session 107:
Family Background and Inequality in Higher Education

Chair: Sarah Turner, University of Virginia
Discussant: Sara Y. Goldrick-Rab, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Discussant: Kimberlee A. Shauman, University of California, Davis

  1. Do Credit Constraints Prevent College Enrollment?Joshua S Goodman, Columbia University

  2. What Does Early Decision Buy: Higher Acceptance and Lower Money?Stacy Dickert-Conlin, Michigan State University ; Gabrielle Chapman, Syracuse University

  3. Moving on: The Transition out of High School for Children of Immigrants and Immigrant ChildrenAlexis Silver, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  4. Who Benefits Most from College?: Negative Selection in Heterogeneous Economic Returns to Higher EducationJennie E. Brand, University of California, Los Angeles ; Yu Xie, University of Michigan

Other sessions on Labor Force, Education, Inequality and Policy