Friday, April 18 / 2:30 PM - 4:20 PM   •   Napoleon B2

Session 117:
Health over the Life Course and across Generations

Chair: Patrick M. Krueger, University of Texas at Houston
Discussant: Richard G. Rogers, University of Colorado at Boulder

  1. Familial Longevity and Multi-Morbidities among the Elderly: A Study Using Multi-generational Pedigrees Linked to Medicare Diagnoses FilesKen R. Smith, University of Utah ; Heidi Hanson, Huntsman Cancer Institute ; Geraldine P. Mineau, University of Utah ; Richard Kerber, Huntsman Cancer Institute

  2. Cohort Differences in Health: Does the Pattern Vary by Education?Beth J. Soldo, University of Pennsylvania ; John C. Henretta, University of Florida

  3. Stress and Trajectories of Change in Body Mass: A Life Course PerspectiveDebra J. Umberson, University of Texas at Austin ; Hui Liu, University of Texas at Austin ; Corinne Reczek, University of Texas at Austin

  4. Racial and Ethnic Differences in Mental Health Trajectories: A Longitudinal Analysis Exploring the Contributions of Early Life, School, and Adult CharacteristicsKatrina M. Walsemann, University of South Carolina ; Gilbert C Gee, University of Michigan ; Arline Geronimus, University of Michigan

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