Friday, April 18 / 2:30 PM - 4:20 PM   •   Napoleon A2

Session 124:
Family Background, Cohabitation, and Marriage

Chair: Catherine T. Kenney, Bowling Green State University
Discussant: Julie E. Brines, University of Washington
Discussant: Mick Cunningham, Western Washington University

  1. How Does Premarital Cohabitation Affect Trajectories of Marital Quality?Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Harvard University ; Laura M. Tach, Harvard University

  2. Cohabitation: Parents Following in their Children's Footsteps?Lauren Rinelli, Bowling Green State University

  3. The Effects of Family Background on the Union Formation Process of Young AdultsCasey E Copen, University of Southern California

  4. Transitions, Trajectories or Timing? Untangling the Effects of Family Structure on Young Adults’ Attitudes toward MarriageKathryn Henderson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ; David F. Warner, Case Western Reserve University ; Glen H. Elder, Jr., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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