Friday, April 18 / 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM   •   Napoleon A3

Session 75:
Gender, Marriage and Mortality

Chair: Allan Mazur, Syracuse University
Discussant: Hanna Seydel, University of Marburg
Discussant: Christine Himes, Syracuse University

  1. Early Life Conditions, Marital Status, and MortalitySumedha Gupta, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute ; Gerard G.J. van den Berg, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute

  2. Til Death Do Us Part: Marital Status and Mortality, 1986-2000Hui Liu, University of Texas at Austin

  3. What Money Can and Cannot Buy: Divorce, Gender, and HealthJui-Chung A. Li, RAND ; Nelson Lim, RAND

  4. How Does the Age Gap between Partners Affect their Survival?Sven Drefahl, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

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