Friday, April 18 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   Bayside A

Session 88:
Beyond Cohabitation: Living Together and Living Apart

Chair: Larry Bumpass, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Discussant: Marcia J. Carlson, Columbia University
Discussant: Christine R. Schwartz, University of Wisconsin at Madison

  1. Cohabiting on the Edge: Living Together ApartCaitlin Cross-Barnet, Johns Hopkins University ; Andrew J. Cherlin, Johns Hopkins University

  2. Neither Single, Nor in a Couple: A Study of Living Apart Together in FranceArnaud Régnier-Loilier, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED) ; Catherine Villeneuve-Gokalp, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED) ; Eva Beaujouan, Institut National d'Études Démographiques (INED)

  3. Who Doesn't Cohabit?: Cohort Changes in Pre-Marital BehaviorAmanda J. Miller, Ohio State University ; Sharon Sassler, Cornell University ; Fenaba Addo, Cornell University

  4. Initial Marriage Plans and Current Cohabitors’ Expectations of MarriageKaren B. Guzzo, Lafayette College

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