Friday, April 18 / 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM   •   Grand Chenier

Session 90:
Case Studies in Applied Demography

Chair: Stephen Lilley, North Carolina State University
Discussant: Douglas T. Gurak, Cornell University
Discussant: Feinian Chen, North Carolina State University

  1. Regional Differences in the Estimation of Influenza Burden in the Elderly: Does Choice of Population Denominator Matter?Steven A. Cohen, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health ; Imran Oomer, Tufts University ; Elena Naumova, Tufts University

  2. Content Analysis of Questions Regarding Disabilities in the 65 Years and Older Population in the Census 2000, the Puerto Rico Community Survey 2006 and the Puerto Rican Elderly Health Conditions 2003Miguel A Cort├ęs-Santiago, University of Puerto Rico ; Roberto R Marrero-Cases, University of Puerto Rico ; Jonathan Jorge Morales-Gonzalez, University of Puerto Rico ; Ana Luisa Davila, University of Puerto Rico ; Marta Bustillo, University of Puerto Rico

  3. U.S. Immigration in the Rear View MirrorJohn Pitkin, Analysis and Forecasting, Inc.

  4. Spatial and Multinomial Analysis of Later-Life Migration into FloridaAndy Sharma, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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